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Introduction of Tanzolymp Asia.


Each year, ten Asian countries, including Japan, China, Hong Kong and Mongolia, Taiwan, Singapore  participate in the competition, Tanzolymp Asia is a preliminary contest to the Berlin finals. The competition was established to create talented performers among Asian dancers and to set a foothold for their active international activities.

As a scholarship project, Tanzolymp Asia is pushing for two projects. Firstly, a project of finding and nurturing dance prodigies. Secondly, foreign dance company audition programs to solve senior youth unemployment.

Also, as a dance artist management business, we are doing our part to improve the status of dancers by managing and marketing dancers.

Finally, Tanzolymp Asia wants to develop the content of dance through the convergence of art and technology.

Meanwhile promoting international art exchange in Asia and building an infrastructure to increase international contribution, we will form a global dance company to contribute to the development of Asian dance art.


As the venue for international exchange, Tanzolymp Asia will not only increase public interest through the revitalization of dance, but will also do its best to foster prodigies for the future of Korean and Asian dance circles.

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