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/ Germany

Oleksi Bessmertni

  • Founder of TANZOLYMP​

  • Founder & Director of PraBesTime Prouductions

Hello, everybody.

Over the past few years, TANZOLYMP has shown creative and energetic performances from elementary school dancers to young adults, and has provided the best performance to keep everyone excited. I look forward to seeing such a good thing this year.


I think it's meaningful to have young dancers from different countries and cultures all over the world become one on the peaceful stage. It's not just a competition for competiting, it's about recognizing and acknowledging each other differently, learning from experience, and being part of life, that's the wish of TANZOLYMP. I want to create a platform that shares dance and dancers around the world. We also invite and welcome Korean dancers to Berlin.

Good luck to all participants!

Oleksi Bessmertni

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